Those who want the unity of the Kazakh people, live on the land of great-grandfathers and, eventually, live in Kazakhstan, lead their children to Kazakh kindergartens and schools. These are not my words, these words sounded on April 20 this year from the lips of our President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the meeting with famous writers. Yes, these words are truth that do not need to prove for every resident of our country which is independent 26 years old.

Who currently educate their children in a Russian-language school? It is mostly those who see their future not with the Kazakh country, but with their Northern neighbors, as well as representatives of the Russian nation, who dream returning to homeland. There are still compatriots who refused his mother’s womb. No one else gives their child to a Russian school — you’ll know for sure when the numbers figure out.

«Lead the child to the Kazakh school!» These words were the motto at time when everything was tragedy for our people when they wanted to teach their children at Kazakh schools, but there were none. At that time, it was hard work to open a Kazakh school, and today is our debt! Not only debt, there is no choice anymore for a society that wants to see the bright future of their children in the Kazakh country.

At the time, in the era of colonization, due to the lack of knowledge of the Russian language, many dreams our parents were remained unfulfilled. And they were forced to give their children to a Russian school, because at that time knowledge of Russian was the key of achieving purpose. And now it’s Vice versa.

Today, no matter how much they want to admit this, history is making its own. So far the independence is done, perhaps within ten years or even earlier, abandoning their language, not to reach the heights in Kazakhstan. Whether you like it or not — this is the emerging truth of contemporary society..

Can you pursue other goals, giving your child to a Russian school, maybe you have other intentions, but we do not regret you, but your child. The fairy tale you invented in a moment will turn into the reality of today, when you finally understand that your talented child will fall victim of your cloudy fantasy. Okay, I will not be unfounded, let’s look at the facts and arguments.

The first reason: demography in Kazakhstan, the proportion of Kazakhs in this figure. In 1989, the population census showed that the population of Kazakhstan is 16199,2 thousand people, including 6 534,6 thousand, i.e. 41%,– the Kazakhs. Russian — 6 227,5 thousand, i.e. 38%. But what about today? According to current data, the population of Kazakhstan has reached 18 million 22 thousand 500 people. Of these, 12 million 780 thousand, that is 71% Kazakhs, 3 million 710 thousand or 20.6% – Russian, 613 thousand, or 3.4% of Uzbeks.

The second reason: the replacement of the Russian language on the world stage. In the Soviet period, around 400 million people in the world officially used the Russian language. Today this number barely reaches 200 million. Basically Russian is considered only the state language of Russia. This is proof that among international languages there is no worthy place for it.

To give the child to study in a non-state language, the more degrading in other countries is a complete absurdity, he himself leads his child to the abyss.

The third reason: improving the quality of knowledge in Kazakh schools. In ancient times, another fiction had information that Russian-language schools provide the best knowledge, rather than Kazakh. But time has shown that’s not true. Then let the numbers confirm my words…

The third reason: improving the quality of knowledge in Kazakh schools. In the distant past, the next fable was the information that Russian-language schools give better knowledge than Kazakh ones. But time has shown that this is not true either. Then let the numbers confirm my words …

Of those who scored 125 points on UNT in 2016, all 19 students are graduates of Kazakh classes. Showing the best results for the republic from 10 schools — 8 Kazakh, 1 Russian and 1 mixed school. In 2017, Tasan Sayat Yeltayly, who scored 139 points, is also a graduate of the Kazakh school, the share of schools that showed the highest results also falls on Kazakh schools.

The last five years, according to the results of UNT and overall rating of the championship and also in the Kazakh schools. For example, from 10 best schools of Astana 8 schools teaching only in Kazakh language

It’s no secret that prize-winners of the world subject Olympiads, gold medalists are also students of Kazakh schools or Kazakh-Turkish lyceums (there is no concept of «Russian classes» at all).

For today’s specialists in the sphere of education are not a secret that in any competition in the field of education is taking place between Kazakh schools.

The fourth reason: the allocation of educational grants. In 2014, the Republic of Kazakhstan 65% of the grants are allocated to Kazakh groups, Russian — 35%, and in 2015 and 2016 — the ratio of 75% to 25%. This year’s application to participate in this test for admission to higher educational institutions has filed 92 827 graduates, of whom 67 627 (76.3 per cent) in Kazakh, 20 968 (23.6 per cent) in Russian.

No matter how we want to hide these indicators, Russian groups will soon be closed in higher educational institutions. In addition to this, lately English has been opened instead of Russian groups. Now imagine that in the future you will have to take your child to study in Russia. Do you want this or or will you take to the Kazakh class. There is no other choice! I feel sorry for the child whose parents have recently come to their senses and who in the future will either be tormented, or to study at a higher educational institution. In the elementary school the same situation.

Let’s make an overview of those wishing to enroll in Nazarbayev intellectual schools in Astana. In the Kazakh classes, 1185 pupils applied, and in Russian 520. This shows again that in the near future and these schools go into a number of Kazakh schools.

The fifth reason: the ratio of Kazakh classes in schools. Today, 83% of pupils in the country study in Kazakh classes, in Russian classes 16% and only 1% in other languages. Last year, i.е. In 2016, 89% of children who crossed the threshold of the school went to the first class in Kazakh, the remaining 10% to Russian classes. The day is not far off when graduates of Russian classes will take exams in the Kazakh language as students of schools with Uighur, Uzbek, Tajik language of instruction. Taking into account that out of 10% of pupils of Russian classes, more than half belong to ethnic Russians, in the future the proportion of students entering a higher educational institution with the Russian language of instruction may not reach 5%.

History does not stand still, nobody can return the past. The prosperity of the Kazakh language, the restoration of Kazakh society can not be stopped exactly either. How would the Russian-speaking community is not trying to protect the Russian language and would climb out of the skin to save it, in the future, in our country the Kazakh language will be the №1 language.

Kazakh language will triumph not only in laws, it will also become the language of life, economy, soon the people who do not know the Kazakh language in Kazakhstan can not beg for a bread. This justice will be decided not by authority, but by the Kazakh nation and history. That’s why, so if you would like that your child will not fall behind society, will achieve success, think about  your decision today

The sixth reason: the introduction of a three-language training system. Honestly, there is no trilingual program, we see only a bilingual one. If you do not believe in  me, then I will give an example from the Address of President N. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan in 2017: «On the issue of a phased transition to a trilingual education. The Kazakh language will retain its dominant position. Much attention will be paid to its further development. At the same time, today the English language is the language of new technologies, new industries, a new economy. Currently, 90% of the information is created in the world in English. Every two years, its volume is doubled. Without mastering the English language, Kazakhstan will not achieve national progress … «

Now let us dwell on the words of the President that the transition to trilingual instruction will be carried out step by step, the Kazakh language will dominate, especially it will continue to develop. And if the Kazakh language dominates and gets stronger, as the third language, English will develop, sweeping away everything in its path, including the Russian language. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not my decision, it is the decision of the President…

In his article «Looking to the Future: Modernizing the Public Consciousness», the Head of State says: «We need to translate in recent years the 100 best books of the world from different languages ​​in all areas of humanitarian knowledge into the Kazakh language and give the opportunity for our youth to learn from the best world standards. Already in the 2018/2019 school year, we must begin to educate our students on these books. «

I emphasize, they will not translate into Russian, but into Kazakh. This process will continue to develop, no one will believe that the Russian language is the language of science, when the world science opens before us with the help of the English language, then Russian-language teaching aids mixed with Russian chauvinism are needed.

Seventh reason: lack of Russian-speaking specialists. You probably remember when the akim of Shymkent city Gabidolla Abdrahimov became the subject of ridicule when he proposed to raise for Russian schools, teachers from Russia and Ukraine.

The number of strong teachers has significantly decreased in Russian schools, and this becomes a burning issue. I quote one more argument, on July 4, 2017, the press service of the Astana Education Department published an advertisement on its Facebook page: «At the moment, due to the lack of teachers, the school will not be able to temporarily take documents of the 1st grade to the Russian department. As soon as we find a teacher, we will immediately let you know. » So, it’s not that you do not find a quality teacher in Russian classes in the daytime with fire, but to find a simple specialist becomes a problem …

If all this look real, then the day is not far off when there will not exist such a thing as a «Russian school». A simple example, since the transfer of the capital to Astana, not a single Russian school has opened here, the former Russian schools have become mixed, and some even have become completely Kazakh.

Today graduates of Kazakh schools study in prestigious schools in Europe, USA. A graduate of the Russian school will be trained not further than in Moscow. Think about it!

For the people who have summed up the quarter of the century of Independence, new values ​​have appeared. It became clear that time and history put everything in its place. During the period of Independence, other values ​​appeared, not to mention another. Russian-language media do not have their former strength, gain significance and firmly hold their media positions in the state language. The population in social networks is paying less attention to Russian-language information.

If the same information appears in the state language, a large part of the population responds and participates in the discussion. The state language in social networks is becoming more important.

As they say, people tend to follow the majority, but even the majority can make mistakes … Despite the fact that some people are so ardent in defending the Russian language and despite the fact that you will give your child to a Russian class, it will be difficult for the Russian language to get up from knees.

Do not go against the wind — we say this because we feel sorry for your child. Lead the child to the Kazakh school! This was the motto of our time to save the nation, and these days we are talking because we regret the future generation.

You would like to see your child at altitude, then take him to a Kazakh school. Kazakhs call it this way: come to your senses before not too late, and you while in your mind, get on the right path.

Think about it if you do not want your child to move away from society in the future. Our duty is to warn you!

Ayatzhan Akhmetzhan, Director of the Republican Center «KAZBILIM»